Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the Dark in my Thought in the Rain

Serene Eternity of summoned sighs
Madrigal-murmur of lingering good-byes
Drifts on the fringe of first-flower tinged dusk
Imbibed with draughts of blue rain-song and musk

Futile, the fervor to beg of its dark
To reimburse one little flicker or spark
For hands cannot clench or re-capture once more
The moments that ripple to memory’s shore

Truth is a constant; its stance un-beguiled
Though seasons may ravage, determined and wild
It does not bend beneath Time’s moment-flow
Or flounder beneath bully breezes that blow

And we cannot cleave to our breast what is gone
Save for the echo of day that is done
Save for the tremor of love’s tender tear
Save for the whisper of those we hold dear

Serene Eternity of summoned sighs
Keening the gasp of immortal goodbyes
Here in the dark, in my thought in the rain
We surpass ramparts to dance once again

© Janet Martin  


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