Saturday, April 27, 2013

Harbinger of May

April rushes in with her mop and broom
Splashing the landscape of starched umber-gray
Washing the bleak world of winter’s foray
Smiling then scolding, she sweeps through each room

Billowy breezes, refurbishing rain
Rinsing and fluffing, industrious mirth
Flinging wide sashes and shutters of earth
Troubadour armed with May’s flower-refrain

April, oh maiden of moody melee
Vexing the tulip with winter’s recoil
Testing, perplexing the planter of soil
Singing and laughing and weeping with glee

April, fair maiden of dexterous touch
Harbinger of lilacs, daisies and such

© Janet Martin

Today we are finally getting a taste of April's warmer side!


  1. April does splash the landscape... it seems within 24 hours she painted our canvas here with bright colors!

  2. Here her main color is green but we'll take that over white! Winter has a hard time saying farewell this year!


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