Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ice Princess

When my neighbor said there would be more 'beauty' in the morning we had no idea it would come at a hydro. Our electricity is back after 3 days; for many it is not! Oh what bliss to be able to wash my face with warm water!

...and she screamed her arrival
no poise or grace
did she attempt
this ice-princess
tapping her nails
in noisy descent
sealing the landscape
in a glass tent



  1. Yikes!! There's nothing like hot water after something like that! Glad hydro is back for you :-)

  2. Glad you made it through. We've endured the same here several times in the past couple of years. Now that you've been through it you're prepared for the next time. It is a blessing learning to live without.

  3. Beautiful description of the "Ice Princess"

  4. Thank-you all! yes, if we've learned anything it's how it suddenly connects neighbors and also how it is good to do without so we know we are able and so we learn to appreciate! One flick of the switch and all is back! ...not so with those who suffer the devastation of tornadoes, fires, hurricanes etc.


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