Thursday, April 18, 2013

His Everlasting Gift

When, at the tender thought of you and me
Without a spotless lamb to sacrifice
When, at the knowing what our doom would be
Without a Savior’s blood to pay sin’s price
When, at the awesome horror of it all
As He beheld our doleful frames of dust
Convicted since the woe of Adam’s fall
To sweat and toil, to pain and greed and lust
Then He, with comprehension of our fate
And visage of timeless eternity
Left Heaven to become for us the Gate
A Ransom to set curs-ed captive free
While theologians and doubters debate
They cannot alter His Supremacy

He died to set us free and yet we choose
In spite of His death for humanity
To enslave ourselves if we refuse
The gift His offering purchased on that Tree
We cannot save ourselves and on the Cross
He did not need to save Himself; this Lamb
Suffered and died and rose again because
He IS Alpha, Omega and I AM
No earthly force can comprehend or quell
The will and might of Heaven’s Majesty
And none the tenure of His thought can tell
As we groan beneath hate’s insanity
His Love is not diminished; death and hell
Have not conquered His divine Deity

We cling not to the feeble boasts of flesh
For what a man is dies with his last breath
And none can defy, evade or reject
Eternity; the mystery in death
But we cling to the written Word of God
For what He said will surely come to pass
Our flicker of existence on this sod
Is a brief season like wild-bloom or grass
The gift of God, when this wee life grows dim
Reveals at last the Image of our trust
As face to face we touch the nail-scarred Limb
And fall to worship He who so loved us

© Janet Martin

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