Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Great Beyond


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April PAD Challenge:For today’s prompt, write a beyond poem. The poem could be beyond human comprehension. It could be from the great beyond. It could be from beyond–another city, country, planet, solar system, dimension, etc. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with it.

This world is full of vengeance and hate
and all manner of evil
We reel 'neath the impact of its reach
And love seems the weaker vessel
But this gasp of mortality
Comes with an ultimatum
Beyond this lies eternity
In breadths we cannot fathom
And though we groan beneath the pain
Of hate and its un-reason
Love will not fail, but is the Way
To heaven's glorious kingdom

This life is but the stepping-stone
leading to hell or Heaven's throne
We ought to pay more earnest heed
to the Beyond where these stones lead.



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