Friday, April 19, 2013

As Long as Long You Victoria

I will not ask too much from you,
But I must ask enough
 This is the duty kind and true
Of a mother’s love,
So I have one small wish, my dear
Time waits for no man
Then will you just stay twelve, my dear
As long, as long you can?

Your other sisters seemed to rush
The hours through a year
And soon the days when they were twelve
Dissolved, a bubble-sphere
So, if you could, my dearest dear
Elongate this brief span
And just stay twelve in spite of years
As long, as long you can

© Mom aka Janet~

12 year olds are SO carefree!


  1. Seems a reasonable request to me!


  2. I remember having those feelings with my daughter. Now she has a daughter that age. Thank you for your wonderful poems.


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