Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Case of Cabin Fever

In case of cabin fever when the gate is barred
To sun-splashed trails or dappled yard
I cherish the comfort of the common quill
Where footprints of fantasy roam at free will

…and there, in the clutch of tardy spring’s ice-fist
I have been rampantly, recklessly kissed
With laughter of lilac and twinkling mischief
Caught in a dew-drop on thought’s summer leaf

I’ve touched with mien of scribbled ink
The faint horizon-lines mute brink
And defied laws of gravity
To fly where feet can never be

I’ve held you close; suffered the bliss
Of farewell’s wild and pleading kiss
And in the thrill where ink-drops bleed
Its foot-prints spill in poetry

© Janet Martin

Poetics Aside Prompt: In case of ...add the ending.


  1. The language of this poem is so descriptive and lovely.

  2. sigh. just lovely. Again I love it all, but especially the last stanza.

  3. I love your signature happy face=-).
    Thank-you as always for dropping by.


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