Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Now-factor

 (how can it be? It is always 'now' yet now is a constant transformation!)

You are always in the moment
Yet you probe the pedicle
Breathing buds into full beauty
Tuning autumn’s canticle

You are always in the moment
Not a flicker or a sigh
In the ethereal cohesion
Of a decade passing by

You abide, instant, eternal
Gentle, ruthless half-breath clone
Nudging daughters into women
In your moment-monotone

You are always ever-present
Past and future, what are they
But the gossamery essence
Turning raven locks to gray

You are always in the moment
Tell me then, how can it be
That a moment takes the future
Sealing it in history

What is your secret; century-weaver
Mouthed in muted moment-chime
For I cannot feel you passing
Metamorphosis of Time

© Janet Martin


  1. One of my favorites. Loved every word.

  2. Thank-you Lisa. I'm going through a book trying to learn more about writing poetry and we were asked to write our dialogue to Time.


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