Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Perfect Strength

Poetics Aside prompt; write a suffering poem

I've seen it...that  Perfect Strength

When his mother (of a large family) spoke of being 'carried'
after losing everything in a house-fire,
after losing a son in Afghanistan,
after losing her husband suddenly a few years later...

I've seen it as my cousin tells me
he wouldn't go back to the 'before' if he had a choice
if it would mean giving up what has been given in place
of the leg he lost in a farming accident last fall...being carried

I saw it it today as I hugged her, me choked up
and she calmly  saying those words
...words like chemotherapy, second treatment today,
radiation, hair falling out and I knew
she was being carried in the arms
of Perfect Strength


1Cor. 12:9


  1. Visiting per recommendation from Lucy. :)

    This is a lovely place you have here to gather your thoughts and words. I am amazed. I, too, am a lover of poetry, but am limited to reading and appreciating...not writing!

    I love this poem, "Perfect Strength", and the image of being carried.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Nice to 'meet' you:) thank-you so much for stopping by!


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