Monday, April 22, 2013

For my Daughter who Likes to Debate


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Poetic Bloomings Prompt; Time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve heard that throughout our lives. In the movies, time passing is depicted as a clock or sundial in time-lapse photography in rapid motion. We see hair gray up and other parts sag down. So for this poem, we want you to write a poem that shows the passing of time. The first part will center upon something you enjoyed or did as a child. The second part will focus on your perspective on that activity and how age has changed/enhanced your vision.

Once I was a girl
Young, carefree, like you
Constrained by parents
With a straight, narrow view

Now I am the parent
And I love you
In spite of your scoffing
At my straight, narrow view

Someday I pray
You will have girls too
Loved and constrained
By your straight, narrow view

© Janet Martin

I read this prompt after a  long and heated ‘debate’ with my teen-age daughter, thus, this is what my first thought was.

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