Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Composition of an Intangible Refrain

Let not an hour of discontent
Corrupt love’s keen, ever-present
In season-shades beneath a tent
Of tenderness and grace
Let not the rudiment of lust
Consume this transient gasp of dust
To pine instead of meekly trust
Love’s intricate embrace

Let not the bitterness of wrath
Corrode fair blooms along a path
To taint the lingering aftermath
Of all that will remain
Subtle, the hour disappears
A vapor-kiss of faith and fears
Bending brief moments into years
Intangible refrain

Let not the grief of what is gone
Tarnish the mercy-gilded dawn
For Time does not refund its spawn
Of gossamer foray
Where we are shaping the requiem
From moment-mystery regime
A melody where soon will gleam
The echo of today

© Janet Martin

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