Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sing a Song of Popcorn

Sing of song of popcorn
When the eve is dull
Those dancing, darling champions
Will make your laughter full

Sing a song of popcorn
With book or show or chess
Gather grownups, children
To taste its happiness

Sing a song of popcorn
Enticing melody
Pot-bellied little rascals
Of warm simplicity

Sing a song of popcorn
And let the good times roll
As children of all ages
Gather round the bowl

© Janet Martin

Popcorn is an instant party!


  1. I just read this to Les, and he said of all the poems you wrote this is the first one he understands:0)

  2. :) :) I'm not sure whether to say ouch or yippee! so I'll laugh and say 'thank-you Les:):) for the laughter because I can totally hear you say that and I'm not in the least offended. Jim is right there with you in 'what the heck are you trying to say???

  3. I am a major fan of popcorn! And I would love to gather round the bowl right now...



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