Tuesday, April 16, 2013

But This We Know...

So little do we really know
Of He who makes the seed to grow
Drawing a garden from the mud
And fragrant flowers from a bud

So little can we ever tell
Of He who stands twixt heav’n and hell
Pleading in patient mercy-flood
For all to be washed in His blood

So little do we know of Him
Who, as the dirge of dusk grows dim
Abides in darkness as in light
And nothing blots us from His sight

So little can we understand
Of He who holds us in His hand
Though fiends of sin and hell assail
His love is sure and will not fail

So little can we ever grasp
Of eons beyond Time’s swift gasp
But this we know; His Word is sure
And in His love we are secure

© Janet Martin

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston.

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