Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Poetics Aside PAD: For today’s prompt, write a tentative poem. The poem could be about a tentative date, a tentative person, a tentative situation. The narrator could be tentative. The subject could be tentative.

Hearts are not flowers pressed between pages
This flesh-blood appendage of life
Suffers obscurely wild passion that rages
In conflict, in wonder, in strife

I cannot give you with reckless abandon
Blood-petals composing its sphere
But consider first with firm contemplation
Your whisper caressing my ear

Why is it that echoes evoke a keen hunger
For more than the hull of your sigh?
And why does the tenure of yesterday’s laughter
Feel now like an endless goodbye?

Wisdom and knowledge divide the heart’s choosing
The mind knows what life has made known
But somehow when you press your lips to my musing
My heart has a mind of its own

I cannot mute mortal need and desire
Though mind may employ its staid part
It cannot guard with barracks of fire
The thought of you stealing my heart

© Janet Martin


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