Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like Phantom Poetry

Tonight the darkness rolls across the day
A wave of cobalt over dismal gray
The twilight keens with tardy April snow
A memory of someone long ago
And from the deep like phantom poetry
Almost I touch its soulful melody

Up, up, into the frosty moonless dark
The echo drifts, love-song upon a spark
And soon its ballad fades into the air
Where April runs its fingers through my hair
And midnight folds the hour to its embrace
Expanding history’s ethereal space

How large the night of moonless minuet
Strange and remote, the ghostly silhouette
Of ravaged pine, where winter’s tireless gale
Returns in confused, mumbled madrigal
And naked willows weep, hungering for
Night-song to sweep the silver garden-floor

Tonight the quietude of April snow
Muffles the tread of stragglers as they go
Searching, as I for that elusive star
Where past resides and summer wishes are
And from the deep like phantom poetry
Almost, almost I feel you close to me


1 comment:

  1. Ahhh sigh.......

    "Where past resides and summer wishes are"

    sometimes i reside there all too long
    but the ride

    "Up, up, into the frosty moonless dark
    ..... (a) love-song upon a spark"

    is always worth the trip for the comfort found there.


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