Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Suffering of Love...a Sonnet

April PAD Challenge: For today’s prompt, write a suffering poem. A person or animal in the poem could be suffering. The poem itself could be suffering.

The sweet suffering of love, my darling
Splays its ache in blood-streams where
We gladly partake of its rendering
Clawing to glean from Time’s gossamer stare
Her passionate, perplexing persuasion
Daring to wear her stripes and her scars
For one blissful, half-grin invitation
To touch the tresses which cradle the stars
And though we know joy is lined with sorrow
And though we suspect its pleasure veils pain
We gather love’s moments for no one can borrow
From yesterday’s archives its measure again
Though laughter today turns to tears tomorrow
We suffer its sunshine to dance in the rain

© Janet Martin

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