Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Middle-age Blues...

Today's PAD Challenge; Suffering poem

He lights a cigarette
Waiting until
They flip the sign
At Toney’s Bar and Grill
He’s slapped on
Just enough after-shave
To dull the truth
And make him brave
Cause he’s still got it
Cool dude in new boots
And he’s not suffering
From middle-age blues
No he’s not ready to
Wear ‘old-man shoes’
And he’s not suffering
Middle-age blues

His Ford F150
Is parked outside
He just needs a babe
Looking for a ride
So he’s flirty and dirty
Tries his sexiest grin
Man, this used to charm them
As he’d reel them in
But now an eye-roll
Is the best he can do
And trust me
Tonight he’s gotten a few
But he’s not suffering
Those middle-age blues
And it’s their loss
If they refuse
Mr. Hot-shot
In new,
Rawhide cowboy boots

He swivels on his bar-stool
Scanning the place
Hoping for a fresh
Unfamiliar face
But he’s seen them all
And well, the truth
Is, they’re
Crowding those young bucks
With nothing
But youth
And dreams
And time
Aw, pitiful crime
The thief of years
Won’t reimburse
Those innocent fears
An’ if he were a cursin’ man
Well, he’d curse
But he doesn’t;
After all it could be worse
He’s got a cool truck
And the sun’s just goin’ down
With enough time to make it
Over to the next town
Because it’s just this way
Beggars can’t choose
And he’s not suffering
Those middle-age blues
No how, no way, crank up the tunes
He’s not suffering
Middle-age blues

© Janet Martin

This poem is entirely fictional...any reference which seems to apply to you is completely accidental;)) I decided to have a little fun with the hapless fellow having a smoke outside  Smokin' Tony's on my way home today:))

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