Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Exphrastic Poetry...on Roadsigns, Rebellion and Rambling


 Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Ekphrastic Poetry 

An old highway-sign
Scarred with weather and lead
Won’t teach you to drive
Or put sense in your head


We tripped over the sign on our way to the top
of the hill where the daisies were starting to bloom
but thirty five miles is much too fast
for grass highways in God’s living-room
so we dragged it as best as we were able
to the top and used it for our picnic table


Time flies they say
And so will we
If we don't obey
The posted speed


This is the spot
Where she did not heed
The caution of
The posted speed
Now all that is left
Is weather and years
In a little place
Called the vale of tears


Don’t drink and drive
Don’t play with guns
And if the cop is chasing you
DON’T try to out-run


That sign in the grass reminds us
That Time will pass; so why do we fuss
Over all that will drift as a seed on the wind?
Let’s just laugh, love, live and be kind

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