Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hold Back the Morning...


…because this silence hangs weighted upon the night air
With echoes of laughter and doubt and despair
This is the silence of hope’s troubadour
Dull like the cadence of far ocean’s roar
Where rebellion and surrender coalesce
Drenching the midnight with longing’s caress

This is the silence of chimeral grief
Duel twixt fantasy and belief
Where is the bulwark to cradle the sigh?
Threading the ramparts twixt ocean and sky
With only this silence to witness the throe
Of having and holding and then letting go

Hold back the morning; oh, I cannot bear
To suffer this silence in azure-blue air
For I cannot pawn this allotment of bliss
Hold back the dawn with its sweet sanguine kiss
This is the silence of lovers and fools
Drowning in thought’s inexhaustible pools



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