Friday, April 6, 2012


 (As the moon rose, the fiery ocean in the western sky tinted the east creating a pink-blush moon-rise simultaneously with a flaming sunset; breath-taking, with silence so intense you could hear it!)

Winter has gathered its garments and fled
Gone is its frigid sugar-coated bed
The earth waits in limbo now, caught between
The glamor of crystal and verdant green

In muted stillness the dull landscape waits
While promise trembles beneath earthen gates
Its corridor primed for spring’s grand rebirth
Its lips parted wide to drink heavens mirth

Do you hear a prelude teasing the air?
Tickling the bud and earth's leathery stare
Do you hear the laughter of wee lads and lasses?
Splashing like raindrops on emerald grasses

Solemn beauty weaves a brief interlude
Of spring-tide restrained and winter subdued
Before nature's tiptoe breaks into full run
In showers of flowers and golden sun

© Janet Martin

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  1. What a wonderful poem about the impending entrance of spring


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