Monday, April 16, 2012

Guilty by Reason of Pride

Mere thought of you
Keens sharply
The dew
Reclining against the
sweep of the grass
Where yesterday we
Leaned heavily
On pride
fortifying a foolish impasse
because nothing is solved
by insults hurled
against mid-day dark
where bright-eyed daisy
nods, hapless and lazy
its contrast subtle, yet vivid and stark
as now, thought of you
returns, subdued
in the echo of words
better left unspoken
while remorse and regret
weigh every word said
beneath the gavel suspended
above guilt’s token
As I weakly toy with
Thought of pleading the fifth
I scan its offering
Of futile glory
Then I bow my head
Uttering what I should have said
When it all began…
I’m sorry,
I’m sorry

© Janet Martin


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