Monday, April 30, 2012

A Parent's Advice...

My dears, these are not merely ‘parental recitals’
That we compose for your indulgence
But they are a proffering of hind-sight
From life's biter-sweet divulgence

The 'advice' we seek to give you
Is not invented for your torment
But rather, with hope that its whisper
Will be a cherished, worthy instrument

My dears, though you may think we’re out-dated
And don’t really grasp today’s truth
The generation gap is a bridge of experience
Back to untried wisdom of youth

Dream on youth’s grand, blue ocean
Sail for that uncharted realm
But keep our whisper within your reach
And remember Who abides in the helm

© Janet Martin


  1. Hello there :) I hope my 2 listen and take my advice to heart as they grow, but some things must be learned the hard way... and I'm still learning too, so what if I give the wrong advice? I pray I'll receive guidance for the right words to speak...

    In other news, still no baby... Dayton's taking his good ol' time! At the baby shower, they gave everyone blue & white votive candles. We're supposed to light it when we hear he's born :) Soon!

  2. So much wisdom in your comments...sometimes I still feel like 'the child' so I must look to my Father for Guidance and His wisdom to tune my advice, because I must give it, whether they listen from it or learn from life:)Yes, there is no trial run for life. A child teaches us even as we teach them.

    I am thinking of you and wish you the best as you become an aunt! What a cool idea to know there will be candles burning as the news is 'delivered'!

  3. I love "whether they listen to it or learn from life"... yes, we all do that, don't we? Choose to do things the hard way or the easy way... regardless of the path, we learn!!

    By the way... don't know if you saw my facebook post, but there's going to be another baby in the family by Christmas... my brother and his wife are now expecting!! April's due date is December 7th... 2 new babies ~ so exciting :)

  4. Megan...that IS exciting news. My computer time in the past few crazy weeks has been limited and no, I did not know. Thank-you for telling me:) Congratulations!


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