Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something about His Hands...

Poetics Aside Prompt: something-blank( you fill it in)

There’s something about the way
He tugs the sun to the day
Dissolving the barrier twixt twilight and dawn
And how each blade of grass
Gleams like frosted glass
A sea of diamonds on the front-yard lawn
And how the breath of God
As it warms the bud
Clothes the stark and barren lands
With vesture so fine
Beyond human mind
This makes me believe, we are in good hands

There’s something about seeds
The hope for man’s needs
Knowing when to stir while asleep in the earth
I marvel in thought
At how nature is taught
And yet, within man He placed greater worth
If we would obey
As easily as they
Life would be spared of many an ill
But He imbued in mankind
Something called a mind
And with it the blessed curse of free will

There’s something about spring
It makes the heart sing
As hope and renewal swell in emerald waves
There’s something about dawn
That urges us on
In spite of the dreams we relinquish to graves
There’s something about the way
Night is swallowed by day
Over and over and over again
That speaks of God’s love
And His mercy for us
And the assurance that we are in good Hands

© Janet Martin


  1. I particularly like the line "night is swallowed by day, over and over and over again". To me, this illustrates the fact that each and every day is a brand new day. Wonderful poem as always Janet :0

  2. Thank-you OE, I was feeling that too! always a new, blank page to try again...and would think that I should learn but I seem to be good at repeating my mistakes!

    All is grace~

  3. Yes, there is definitely something about spring that lets us know that we are in good hands. Who could not believe after experiencing the majestic rebirth each year?


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