Monday, April 23, 2012

Wild Awakening

The howling gale deploys its wrath
Against the shivering dawn
Nothing remains within its path
That is not fastened down
It screams and shrieks at every door
In urgent nothingness
A mammoth bully with a roar
Tormenting budded tress
And yet, the dawn creeps to the air
Above the earth's turmoil
I fold my helpless thought in prayer
And trust God with my spoil

© Janet Martin



  1. Where do you find the wonderful pictures that accompany your poems?

  2. Hi:) I took this one through my window...but it is almost impossible to show 'wind' in a still shot! The sun bled through thin cloud for a few moments before the wind piled layers in front of it. It is intensely wild this morning, and the dead birch amplifies the ominous tone...maybe it serves a purpose after all! black and white it seemed more powerful as well.

    thank-you for asking!

  3. Yes I think the black and white definitely adds to the photograph's beauty

  4. Thank-you:) Have a wonderful day!


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