Sunday, April 22, 2012

Your Permission Slip

Poetics Aside Prompt: 'Judging' Poem

Unless you've lain with me in the trenches
and tasted the same gritty dirt
And unless you have climbed the same fences
and endured the same bitter hurt
If you have not suffered my sorrow
or borne my invisible crosses
or carried my fear of tomorrow
or wept for the self-same losses
and if you have never slipped into my being
or the flesh that covers my bones
nor worn the shoes I am wearing
to walk the miles I have known
or given and taken in like-measure
the fairness and unfairness of life
or partaken of my pain and pleasure
or my allotment of strife
Unless you've traced all of my footsteps
The beauty and the misery
to understand why I am who I am
Don't judge me



  1. Janet, another beauty! Your talent stuns me.

  2. "Judge not, lest ye be judged." I try to keep this in mind, do not always succeed.

  3. Me too:) There is only One who truly knows us as we are...sobering and comforting at the same time! He alone has the right to judge! And we cling to His grace that saves!


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