Friday, April 20, 2012

Kisses of Spring...

(No, these flowers are not this year...but it will be...soon:)

Let’s immerse ourselves
In the song of the breeze
Of robin and sparrow
And lace-collared trees
Let’s inhale the potion
Of bursting delight
Where earth is an ocean
Of emerald and white
And let’s discard duty
For free wander-lust
Admiring the beauty
New-born from the dust
Of hope in a blossom
And awe in a bud
As sleepy-eyed pansies
Awake from the mud
Let’s frolic in meadows
On carpets of clover
Let’s dream in the shadow
Where time is a lover
As moments, then minutes
Then wee hours wing
While we are immersed
In the kisses of Spring

© Janet Martin


  1. "Let’s immerse ourselves
    In the song of the breeze"

    Oh, yes please! :)

  2. ;0
    Let us!!

    But here we will have to wait for the wheel to turn... all of us ... at this point of time , where we are
    We will have to brave the winter chills ... and somehow take in our stride all its spills

    A chill pill , i hope )

    You sang exuberantly well when spring burst :)i think

  3. Yes, winter must precede Spring every time!

    We will endure the chill:)


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