Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something...edited re-post

Something tells me not everything
Is quite as it appears
Something in me is whispering
From outer atmosphere
And I can feel something stirring the air
Intangible mystery
Something is always waiting somewhere
I wonder what it could be

Something is urging me to arise
As daylight creeps over the brink
Something brushes the star-dusted skies
With whispers of coral and pink
Something quivers deep in my soul
Surging as waves on the sea
Something over which I have no control
I wonder what it could be

Something inspires me to get up
and welcome another day
Something replenishes my empty cup
While night hours meter away
Something draws me from yesterday’s pain
To welcome this measure of sod
Something beckons me to do it again
Something…or Someone…maybe God?

© Janet Martin

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