Monday, April 16, 2012

In the Path of Wrath and its Aftermath

 The Sky appears unruffled....

Word Wrath...

They spew from nowhere
In un-designated wrath
Leaving grief and destruction
In its aftermath

Words spoken in anger
Cruel and unkind
Are like needless devastation
Of violent wind

© Janet Martin

The gale rages mercilessly
Beneath an innocent sky
I can do nothing but wish it would quit
As I watch the shingles fly

We are in the middle of a violent wind storm…90 -100km/hr. I can’t believe our hydro is still on!
Many are out due to downed trees and hydro-lines!

The sky appears calm and unruffled in spite of the chaos below!

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those suffering in the devastation after violent tornadoes!


  1. It's very windy here today also... and the sky looks the same! If that's your roof, I hope there's not much more damage :( I echo your thoughts about those who are suffering in the aftermath of the tornadoes.

  2. I hope the wind dies down soon! I took the picture, got to the house and those loose shingles came sailing into the front yard...So the empty space is growing. We changed the shingles a few years brother just pulled in to take a look. Thank God for family!

  3. Oh, Janet! I'm so sorry the wind is wreaking such havoc on your roof. So scary how powerful the wind can be at times. You're so compassionate, Janet, and this inspires me. Thinking on those who've been so affected. Prayers for you, too.


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