Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Demise

We welcome it today
Ten thousand circle-kisses
Fading out the
Lingering fringes
Of April’s demise
Settling vagabond dust
In a green paradise
As bud-vaults expand
Into venturing leaves
Softening the land
Still cradling seeds
Washing the world
In a river of gray
As April fades into
The embrace of May

© Janet Martin

On the last day of April we are enjoying our first true April Shower...we have had  brief periods of rain but nothing that lasted even an hour! This is a good 'soak-er'! thank-you God.


  1. Oh Janet, this is another poem of praise. I really love every word.

    "As April fades into
    The embrace of May" -Ah falling into Gods lap.


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