Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreamland Unbarred

( I commented to the kids tonight how tired and ragged that pine tree appears after yesterday's tempest)

When April’s smile
Has nestled awhile
On this blue puddle
Referred to as Earth
When she has spun
From threads of sun
A garment of green-leaf
To warm its girth
When the slighted stance
Of winter’s romance
Melts in defeat
Beneath her caress
When skeletal limbs
Are feathered with grins
And every tree
Is a graceful princess
When robin-lay
And break of day
Unite to greet
The morning star
The gardener sings
As the Gate-keeper swings
The door to digging
And dreamland ajar

© Janet Martin
I think the gardener and the farmer sing...
(I'm watching the dust fly in neighboring fields as a few of the farmers are seeding)
...as they enter a new season of dreams aka. Hope:)

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