Monday, April 9, 2012

Watching the Sun Going Down

Come; appease my sweet addiction
Of dusk’s hand across the west
For my story of affliction
And of love must pause to rest…

Oh, do not judge my humble staggering
Or the dismal songs I hear
For the sorrows of dreams broken
Are not quickly buried, dear

Come and run your mystic fingers
Through the marrow of my soul
For its mate chooses to linger
Where flesh and blood cannot console

I fix my gaze on molten glory
Gateway to a destiny
Where the postlude of earth’s story
Is a glorious mystery

© Janet Martin


  1. I like to think of earth's story as a glorious mystery. Not always easy to feel that way about life.

  2. The Unknown....truly a mystery, and yes, I dare to believe it is also truly glorious...careful might inspire another poem, wink.
    Thank-you for your thoughts.

  3. It's very haunting. I love that.

  4. Thank-you Tim...I just finished writing the initial inspiration when I first saw these words...(it is now posted above)for me the train of thought was so obvious I wanted to try something completely foreign to my first thoughts...I appreciate your words.

  5. Another poem! "Inspired" by me... Cannot wait! :-)

    Janet, are you on Twitter by any chance? If you are, I'd love to follow you!

  6. Sasha, I am not on twitter...I'll be honest, I don't know what it is...or what it is used for etc. Another confession...I'm a TERRIBLE it like FB? My girls are always saying Mo-o-o-m! You don't put your comment there...that's your status...MOM!!! you don't...well, you get the drift;)
    Thank-you for filling in this country hick:)if you care to...I've tried installing share buttons also, luck..oh well.

  7. I created my account a couple of days ago :-) and I'm not on Facebook :-) Facebook I'm a bit unsure about, I feel better about Twitter, so I decided to give it a try. It's for connecting with people. Lots of info, interesting and useful stuff there. I've had fun exploring so far. We'll see.

  8. A different take on these difficult wordle list. I can see the molten glory of the sun and its' mystery and majesty.


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