Sunday, April 22, 2012


exquisite threads  woven
to a familiar ache
shelved memories open shimmy or shake
to unfold ethereal edges
-thought origami
as your memory wedges
its cacophony
into abstract beings
of what is and what was
and a spangling dragon
unfurls harmless claws
in futile ferment
for your face disappears
in this coda-moment
of bittersweet tears


Sunday Wordle- Anniversary Edition


  1. Have you noticed how the poem moves, Janet? Read through. Almost every verb is one of movement and that makes the poem shimmy. Rather cool effect, as in shimmys we see and unsee things.

  2. agree with Margo, flows very well. Especially like the middle
    'as your memory wedges
    its cacophony
    into abstract beings
    of what is and what was'

  3. I love the 'coda moment of bittersweet tears.' Nicely wordled, Janet.

  4. Margo..Thank-you for pointing that out! I appreciate your observation...the 'shimmy' I felt as I wrote but could not really 'pin-point' it!
    Thank-you again...I have SO much to learn when it comes to the 'layers' of poetry!

  5. You may think you have a lot to learn Janet but your instincts are very good - this poem sings ... very nice

  6. Thank-you all so very much for your kind thoughts!

  7. Quite a bit of good writing here - you took this poem in an unexpected, beautiful way.

  8. Very nice wordle and I love the spangling dragon!


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