Thursday, April 26, 2012

Music of Heaven...

Mellow they drop
Like soft notes of a song
Reviving the laughter
Of hillside and lawn
Somnolent cadence
Of murmuring splash
Urging to radiance
Spring’s emerald sash
Silver epiphany
Sacred refrain
Sudden renewal
Surges again
Softening edges
Stirring the sod
Tuning the earths cape
With whispers of God
Like a heart transformed
By the touch of His hand
The music of Heaven
Restores barren land

© Janet Martin


  1. I love it. A poem dedicated to one of my favorite things...rain!!

  2. Thank-you. I love the music of the rain too. We are in dire need of its 'music'. It is very dry here!

  3. Loved the idea that rain is the music of Heaven. It's one of my favorite sounds.


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