Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ephemeral Farewell

See the Beam from yonder portals
How its bleeding colors splay
Lifting hearts of weary mortals
At the waning notes of day
See it flood the earth in purple
As He draws the lucent scrim
In deft moments, smooth and subtle
Over present growing dim

Light divine, Celestial Ocean
Drawing to its shore our eyes
Turning thought from earth to heaven
From this toil to paradise
See the glimmer of a Kingdom
As the twilight cools our brow
See the lowlight ‘neath the curtain
Etch the skyline in its glow

Hear the cooling vespers murmur
Rising in dust-fragrant dew
Serenading the departure
Of another stanza through
Sweet the fading sonnet lingers
Dangling from the crescent moon
Feel it trickle through your fingers
Soft, ephemeral farewell tune

© Janet Martin

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