Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love the Way...

I love the way You breathe upon
The skyline in the dark
And gently soften heaven’s gown
To fade out heaven’s spark
You veil with mist the mountain crest
The valley, field and sea
The moon, a wafer in the west
Slips to obscurity

I love the way the sunlight pools
In yellow on the slope
As Time unravels from its spools
Translucent threads of hope
And we commence, with lightened step
Upon the road un-taken
With humble whisper on our lips
For seeds of faith unshaken

I love the way the dew and rain
Pearls on the musky flower
The scent of morning on the lane
After a midnight shower
I love the mercy You portray 
To mankind’s fumbling story
As you unveil another day
In all its pristine glory

© Janet Martin 


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