Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you luck?

She had to admit
this one had her stuck
she's not paraskevidekatriaphobic
she just doesn't believe in 'luck'


Finally she worked up the nerve to call...
Buying the biggest ficus tree she could find
she carried it up two flights of stairs
to your apartment.
The lady across the hall called 'hey'
Don't you know? He moved...


We all waited
Breath baited
This was the moment
It was all about!
The winner is...
Lights flicker and fizz...
and just like that
the power went out


There's no hope in a rabbit's foot
or in number sevens
and there's no such thing as luck...
I looked down as I spoke
Wishing I wasn't broke...
...hey, look, I found a buck!


Lucky for you
I have a bad memory


I remember too late
what I forget...
Now, I wish I could forget
What I hate to remember...


The money tree
in our back-yard
musta' got frost-bitten
and bitten hard


For better of worse
Be it blessed or cursed
For the rest of your life
I am your wife

If it weren't for bad luck
We'd have no luck, you say
Well babe, I plan to make you
the happiest unlucky man today



Poetics Aside Prompt: unlucky...

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