Saturday, April 28, 2012

Problem Areas

 Poetics Aside asks us to write a problem poem.

You assume you know
Why I do what I do
But the problem is, honey
I assume with you too
And in the end the problem
Is plain you see
It makes an a**
Of u and me =assume

There’s so much to do
And so little time
Especially when the lure
Of word and rhyme
Draws me from the rigidness
Of toil and duty
To discover the same words
In a new form of beauty
And that can be a problem
As the clock strikes three
And work remains undone
Because poetry
Has erased common logic
And common sense
But I seek no excuses
To aid my defense
For I am in love
With limitless art
As the gathering of thought
Spills from the heart

© Janet Martin


  1. Assumptions can definitely lead astray.Good stuff never thought of the word assume like that. :)Words are quite fascinating but why am I telling you that!!!:)

  2. Words...yes, with them we bless...and curse.

    Prayer: God, give me words seasoned with your grace.

  3. I know what you talk about there!
    Love, luck , joy and repose!!
    And daily duties done!!! :)


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