Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carved Especially for You

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For each of you
I’ve never met
Or held or touched
Face to face

But on deeper plains
Heart to heart
And soul to soul
I carve a place

For each of you
I’ve never cherished
Eye to eye
…but tear on tear

I carve a rare
And sacred place
Within my heart
To hold you near



  1. Gorgeous and sweet. As one of your regular readers, I feel very appreciated by this. Thanks, Moskowitz

  2. Mosk, I hoped you would:) and thank YOU for all your kind and encouraging comments!

  3. Followed Mosk across to here, but lost him near Port Colborne. But thank you as well, from over at PA and on the "porch". I'm glad you bring you muse out to play. For reasons expressed and because, Lady, you're good at it! Keep it up, Janet!

  4. Dear Walt, from someone whose talent I respect deeply all I can think to say is a sincere thank-you for your words of encouragement:)
    Blessings, my friend.
    And yes, it was inspired by your words on PA:)

  5. BTW...if you get on the Queen E to the 401, you should pick up Mosk's trail...the 401 seems to go everywhere:)
    p.s. I really have no idea...
    but my hubby would. He lives on the highway!


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