Friday, April 27, 2012

The Trouble Is...Time

 Poetics Aside Prompt: The Trouble Is...

There are endless life-rituals to perform
But today, when I studied you
Suddenly, my heart turned achy-sweet warm
And in that instant I knew
That no matter what pushes to the fore-front
Clamoring for attention
I must stop and really look at you
I must stop and really listen
Because no matter how often they tell us
That life is short and time flies
It is easy to get all caught up
In materialistic little lies
And before you know it, another day
Dissolves in the molten west
And most of what we have accomplished
Follows in its steps
Because the trouble is, excuses never excuse
They never exonerate the past
We all are given twenty-four hours to use
Before its shadow is cast
And the best that we can hope for
Is God’s gracious second chance
Another day to hope and pray
To laugh and love and dance
And trust that in its music and muddle
We leave a kind legacy
Because Time is a perpetual trickle
And does not wait for you or me
But slips to the eternal bygone
A flicker, a whisper, a gasp
So stop, really look and listen
Before present-gifts slip from our clasp

© Janet Martin

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