Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My 'Every-day Heaven'

It waits for tender touches
Of loving care
The begging of Duty
Hangs on the air
I gaze at the mountains
Of mundane spoil
Shaping my moments
Of prayer and of toil
As I thank God above
For all He has given
In the clutter of love
My every-day ‘heaven’

© Janet Martin

…trying to ‘spruce up’ the place a little and get some major cleaning done for some up-coming events we are hosting…the question... How much, how soon? Cleaning can be un-done very quickly here!


  1. You go girl...remember you'll need to clean again after!! :)

  2. Nice looking "rolling pin rack"!! works perfectly!

  3. Thank-you Lucy:) I'm not doing anything didn't need 'doing'! It's good to host something once in a while to give me a kick in the pants:)

    Dar, I posted this hoping you would see it! Thank-you~


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