Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Get Dirty

Come, let’s get dirty
Not with dirty dirt
But with garden-dirt
Gardening dirt is different, you see…
It cleanses the mind and sets the heart free

It’s a soil-carpet solace
It’s a simple, safe touch
When the care and the clutter
Of this life is too much
It’s a beckoning beach
On an ocean of dreams
It is therapy for stress
Enchanting hope-streams
It is better than a psychiatrist
Yet it won’t cost a dime
All it takes is some energy
And sweet sun-kissed time
In the company of roses
Or zucchini and garlic
…or the chatter of children
Discovering its magic
It’s a haven of sorts
Built of fruit on a vine
Of vegetable beauty
Of rain and sunshine
Of love and of labor
Of patience and trust
A table for neighbors
Sprouting from the dust
It’s a vision of perfection
On the threshold of June
It’s a mini-vacation
On a slow afternoon
It’s a stroll for no reason
On earth’s humble sod
It’s the pearl of the season
It’s the whisper of God
Its spring, summer, autumn
With life-lessons to show
For a man cannot gather
What he does not sow…
…so come, let’s get dirty
In the cleanest of dirt
In a garden; it is simply
A small heaven on earth…

© Janet Martin


  1. This was perfect, soothing and satifying, just as gardening is.

    Loved this - Mosk

  2. A-a-a-ah, Mosk. 'soothing and satisfying' Two perfect words to complete it! Thank-you!

  3. LOVE this:
    "It’s a soil-carpet solace"
    and the rhyme fun!
    And love so many of the word choices you've dug up here. :)

  4. Beautiful!!!
    I'm looking forward to getting out,in the garden.
    got Britt moved home,my house isn't big enough anymore!! She had a lot of stuff!!!Oh well all in good time I suppose,

  5. I'm sure it feels that way...tackle it in the morning with fresh eyes:)

  6. That sums up the joy gardening so well, leaving out the backachey downside! I wonder why earth is called dirt in American English?

  7. H-m-m...I never really thought about it. I think we do use earth but dirt is certainly often used:) Viv, I could do another poem quite the opposite if I focused on 'achy back, weeds, bugs, blight, wind and thunder storms, drought, calloused hands, blisters, puny fruit:))) but those things amazingly still make it worth it all!

    Thank-you for your thoughts!


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