Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forever Hope

Tonight we had the closing Mother-daughter night for this season of Gem's. 
 It was a fabulous evening with a Roman/Greek era theme spawning from thoughts of the Olympics and how in life we also need to never quit trying and to give it our best.Their motto this year ....Get wisdom; go beyond the gold.... The MC for the evening did a spectacular job and it brought tears to my eyes as she encouraged a room FULL of girls (and moms) to keep their eyes on Jesus, because life tries to throw in all kinds of distractions. She encouraged them, that in spite of what life may bring to remember who they are! ...who we all are because of grace!

There will be obstacles
And distractions
And infractions
There will be days
Of carelessness
Of shocking failure
And more shocking…success
There will be neglect
Busyness, despair
There will be worry
Where there ought to be prayer
There will be apathy
Where there should be concern
…yet, there will be patience
We have so much to learn
And there will be One
Who will never replace
With lesser hope
His amazing grace
And there will reside
Though often we fail
A steadfast Guide
Within the vale
And there will be forever
Forgiveness of sin
In a blood-red river
That cleanses within
Yes, there will be enemies
To lure us from His Word
Yet, through it all there will be
Jesus Christ, the Lord
Our Alpha, our Omega
Our beginning and end
Our precious Savior
Everlasting Friend

© Janet Martin

Song: What a Friend we Have in Jesus
She read this verse among others:

 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
   and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
   and he will make your paths straight. Prov.3:5-6


  1. Beautiful pictures accompanying a beautiful poem. Both will preserve the memory of that evening for a long time to come!

  2. Mary, thank-you...and I hope so! It is good to be challenged and reminded who we are...not because of us but because of Him!

  3. What a beautiful memory and reminder. Your costumes turned out great!

  4. Thank-you Lucy...and tell the girls as well, thank-you for the understanding when we could not do a sleep-over. We did spend a good part of the afternoon trying to figure them out and playing with ideas:) Thanks to Christmas decorations, curtain panels and table-runners we pulled them together!

    How do you like our Christmas-y weather? It felt like a Christmas party when we looked out to see a mini-blizzard happening!


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