Monday, April 23, 2012

Yanked from a Dream...(re-post)

 Poetics aside prompt: Morning poem

The morning’s verdict comes too soon
On night’s like this
But dawn is fading out the moon
With silent kiss
Her curves align intricately
Against the dark
As day becomes a silver sea
And night the spark

I close my eyes willing night’s spell
To linger on
It is no use; for I can tell
That you are gone
The warmth of you against my skin
Is hard to bear
Ten-thousand wishes hovering
On stringent air

The morning’s verdict will not sway
Its fingertips
Methodically brushing away
Your sleep-warm lips
Smoothly the smiling morn invades
The dreamer’s bliss
And with the dawn you slip away... farewell kiss


1 comment:

  1. Ten-thousand wishes hovering
    On stringent air

    I love the flow of this poem and these above are so magical feeling, Janet!


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