Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something about that Box...

Something about that box
Of mortar and wood
…of lights beckoning
Makes me feel understood
And welcome
And though I quite delight
In the still of this night
And being wrapped in blue
I am drawn
To that box
Of mortar and wood
Because inside that box
Life is good
So as I come
And gaze for a moment
At its humble form
I thank the One
Who gives us glimpses
Of heaven
In boxes of mortar and wood
… Home

© Janet Martin

Poetics aside Prompt: Something...


  1. ...called, home.

    So sweet, this poem. I wish everyone's home brought such comfort.

  2. Margaret...I thought about that, my heart aches for kids being raised in something more akin to living hell...
    That is why I lift my heart in humble thanks. It is nothing but a gift, a blessing. Thank-you for your thoughts.


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