Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fantasy Poem

Poetics Aside Prompt: Write a science fiction or fantasy poem

It seems entirely
For this logical
And practical mother
To don glass slippers
And an evening gown
As her pumpkin chariot
Draws her to town

It does not seem
Like her at all
To attend
a midnight ball
With the rest of her kind
Parental royalty
Dressed up like they were

We had forgotten
Until given a chance
That we were weightless air
As we danced and danced
Until the tolling clock
In the old church tower
Reminded us primly
Of the waning night-hour

We tipped the door-man
Or was it a lion?
Climbing onto the bare back
Of a prancing white stallion
With a flourish we departed
Sailing over the trees
Oh Pegasus, tell me kindly
What they put in the punch…please?

© Janet Martin

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