Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Thoughts~

The future is never what we imagine
For better
Or worse
…but some Day
It will be

The things we hold dearest
are those we make time for

Some tears
poetry will not appease
Some poetry
tears will not appease

You bent, a mere boy
to tie your shoes
and stood
a man

We wait…
…because that is what love does

Life slips by
In moments
Moments slip by
In life

We cannot choose
The unknown, hid from view
But we can choose consequence
In the deeds that we do

There are moments
That can never be sweet
Such as the tainted victory
Of The Cheat

We cannot fool God
But a fool will fool himself
Into thinking he can

Dare to stand brave for this out-dated truth
Virtue and purity in the days of your youth


Cleaning gives a person a
 lot of thinking time...


  1. This is a great bit of wisdom and poetry. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Mosk. I appreciate your words.

  3. We cannot predict what will happen beyond today. So true.


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