Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Yester- Girl...

Sometimes I wonder who you are
You seem different
Not at all like you used to be
Are you me?
Or just someone I used to know?

I’d ask you in for a visit
To get to know you better
Coffee, is it?
Or have you switched to tea?
You never can tell, these days

Sometimes I wonder who you are
And I want to know you better
But you keep inching toward the door
And all I can do is watch you go
...or do you even exist anymore?

Have you left for good, dear girl?
Being a woman is fine
But I must confess, I miss you
Dear, carefree, laughing
Yester-girl of mine

© Janet Martin

Poetics Aside PAD Prompt: Visitor


  1. A retrospective poem...brilliant. I love the idea of writing something to your former-self...great work as always :)

  2. Beautiful poem. Love the conversation. The questions are so similar to ones I’ve asked yester-me.


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