Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You fill the sea with its fortune
You interlace rock hills with gold
And into the arms of a woman-child
You placed your own Son to hold
You teach the sparrow and swallow
You nudge the bud on the limb
And You grace the harvested fallow
With whispers of day growing dim

God, you hold the stars in the heavens
Reaching fathoms beyond our scope
And you give us innocent children
To fill mundane moments with hope
You shape the fall of a raindrop
You paint the sky on the sea
But the most wonderful wonder of all, my God
Is the wonder that You love me

You point the sun through vast eons
You guide the bird to its nest
You pluck the storm from the ocean
And color the dusk in the west
You give us knowledge and wisdom
And the mortal freedom to choose
The immortal Key to your kingdom
Or the darkness of evil’s dues

God, You father nature’s deliverance
You fill the womb of the earth
God, in love’s tender benevolence
You offer redemption’s re-birth
You bind the chains of the Pleiades
You hear our most feeble call
And God, to know that You love us so
Is the most wonderful wonder of all

Father of Orion’s army
Father of each living thing
Surely Your goodness and mercy
Stirs our longing to sing
Father of boundless compassion
Father of infinity
The micro-drop of the ocean
Is but the beginning of Thee

God of eternal dominion
Perfect and righteous and just
Tipping the jars of the heavens
To nurture this vulnerable dust
Who God, but You can inspire
The bleak, barren furrow and field
Who God, but You can require
The first-fruits of Love’s gracious yield

Who God, but You, is eternal?
Who can boast anything now?
But only what we are able
Because of what You allow
Who can release trembling thunder?
Or explain Love’s mystery
And who can exceed this most wonderful wonder
That this God loves you and me?

© Janet Martin

This song was spawned by the plop of a rain-drop, and like its circle, spread...

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