Sunday, January 6, 2013

Poetic Bloomings 2013 Kick-off

Kicking off the first Sunday prompt in 2013, we're(Poetic Bloomings) setting you up for some word play.
Here is a list of words:
challenge, common, mask, skill, origin,
love, night, drink, beauty, death
Now, here's the twist:
Write your poems using these words. BUT, none of these words can appear in your poem. Get reacquainted with your old friend Roget and use your thesaurus to find an alternate word for each, and then use THOSE words to write your poem. You choose the right word for what it is you want to say.

Man is master of disguise
Though clever he may be
Two mutual traits he cannot hide
Pride and humility

The beginning of a man
Is not by height or stature
This test of merit will begin
With our human nature

Man’s devotion is not shown
By well-shaped words he voices
Darkness and light each are made known
As action proves our choices

He who seeks wisdom from the Vine
Will be filled with good measure
While he who consumes lust’s cheap wine
Will never find its treasure

We tread toward mortal demise
And brothers all are we
For there are none who can disguise
Pride or humility

© Janet Martin

Challenge= test
Love=devotion and lust

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