Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts on the Transpiring and Expiring of Moments


To dredge the past in search of its measure
Is but to forfeit this moment-treasure

To pine for the wine in tomorrow’s vine
Is to waste the taste of this moment’s haste

Darling, the amazement and astonishment
Which grand architecture induces
Fills me with wild wonder and delight…
Yet, its wonderful wonderment
Pales in weak excuses
Against your heartbeat in the still of the night

Intangible trickle
Vast vaporous sea
Time is a twinkle
In eternity

Taste the moment on your lip
Oh, and do not let it slip
Into the blue, transpired in vain
For it will not return again


What is our calling
Brother to brother?
Why, it is but this
To love one another


Sometimes thought’s echo sparks within me
A longing for hours that used to be
But then I remember,
Today’s moment-splendor
Is shaping tomorrow’s memory


A sigh, a gasp
Is but the cast
Of moments melting
In the past
Take heed, my love
At what they teach
For soon they slip
Beyond our reach


Hold my hand, darling
Love is lonely alone
Each day is a pitfall
Or a stepping-stone

Life is a lover
The bliss of its kiss
Is rendered in caresses
Not of what was, but what is


Take a moment
To taste the moment
In a moment


When you hold me like this
Sweet moment-glance
I’m filled with the urge
To sing and dance
Because ours is such
A tempestuous romance
You offer, but once
Each moment-chance

© Janet Martin

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